Maniac Magee Vocabulary Sentences Ch. 1-10

1.  trolley- Jeffrey’s parents were killed in a trolley accident.

2.  trestle- The drunk driver drove the trolley off of the trestle.

3.  kaboodle- The whole kaboodle took a swan dive into the river.

4.  smatter- There was a quick smatter of giggling when Jeffrey was screaming.

5.  suspicious- Amanda was suspicious when Jeffrey said he didn’t have an

6.  grungy- Amanda thought that Jeffrey looked grungy with his torn

7.  commotion- There was a commotion in the backyard of Finsterwald’s

8.  mirage- Some of the kids thought that Jeffrey was a mirage when he
jumped over the fence.

9.  hallucination- Some kids thought he was also a hallucination.

10.  emanation- People of Two Mills thought there was an evil emanation   coming from Finsterwald’s house.

11.  carcass-  Jeffrey picked Arnold Jones’s carcass up off the ground.

12. pandemonium-  There was pandemonium on the sidelines when Maniac hit a home run.

13. maniac-  The kids of Two Mills started calling Jeffrey a maniac.

14. befuddled- Maniac was befuddled when Mars Bar was yelling at him.


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Jessica Collis said,

    Good job Mrs. Davis! Thank you for putting this together for our literature classes.

  2. 3

    cheyenne phelps said,

    mrs. Davis you did very well on this website. It’s much easier doing vocab on here than in class you rock!!!


  3. 4

    Thanks Mrs. Davis u r the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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