Maniac Magee Vocab. Ch. 22-32

22. rookie-  When Grayson was a rookie, he was late for his first game.

23. immortality-  Grayson’s name  would never achieve immortality in the game of baseball. 

24. grappled-  Grayson grappled with the Butterscotch Krimpet wrapper. 

25. repertoire-  Grayson had only one pitch left in his repertoire; the stopball.

26. blarney- Before Grayson would pitch his stopball, he would feed the batter a bunch of blarney.

27. groused-  Grayson would grouse about the fact that Manaic didn’t go to school.

28. preposterous- Maniac thought it would be preposterous for him to stay with Grayson at the YMCA.

29. thronged-  On Thanksgiving Day, everyone thronged to the football field. 

30. creche-  Grayson and Maniac made a creche from a paper matchbox.

31. languished-  Grayson and Maniac’s Christmas tree decorating talents had languished because they hadn’t decorated for so many years.  

32. bittersweet-  As they walked through the woods, the smell of the  pinecones was bittersweet.

33. sumac- Grayson and Maniac used sumac berries to decorate their tree.

34. filigree-  On Christmas morning, all of the trees looked filigree.

35. reluctant- On the morning of Grayson’s death, Maniac was reluctant to tell anyone.

36. meandering-   Maniac began meandering after Grayson’s funeral.


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  1. 1

    emma b. said,

    you are great and amazing for making this but i have a question is it suppose to be hadn,t decorated IT for so many years?

  2. 2

    Martha Aguilera(is awesome) said,

    Good job on the site Mrs.Davis i love the green!

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